Eliminate the Burden of Medicaid Eligibility & Enrollment Screenings

May 27, 2020 10:00:00 AM / by Aspirion

Medicaid eligibility and enrollment services require one-on-one interactions with patients—which is something large hospitals rarely have the bandwidth to do well. Unfortunately, sacrificing patient screening for the sake of efficiency hinders reimbursement.

In an effort to maximize patient satisfaction and streamline processes, many facilities miss critical information, significantly reducing coverage for self-pay patients. Learn how one facility rectified this threat to its income. 


Thorough screenings are crucial for hospitals to grow their revenue. Every dollar matters—and overlooked opportunities lead to missed government reimbursement. When patients leave your facility, it becomes exponentially harder to communicate with them. If you don’t collect all necessary information on-site, you might miss the chance to collect it at all.

As a 310-bed hospital in the Kettering Health Network, Fort Hamilton Hospital was overwhelmed by the responsibility of constant patient screenings. The need for support went beyond the self-paying inpatients; Fort Hamilton also lacked sufficient staff in the outpatient and emergency departments. They knew they could no longer handle it alone.

This case study dives into the challenges Fort Hamilton faced—and the government reimbursement solutions that our eligibility and enrollment services provided. To find out how our team increased Fort Hamilton’s collections by more than 30%, download the full story. 

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Written by Aspirion

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